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Plastic Roman Auxiliaries are back!

Following one or two production issues our ever-popular plastic Roman Auxiliaries are back in stock! We know you’ve been waiting patiently to get your hands on them so without further ado…

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This plastic boxed set contains 20 plastic Roman Auxiliaries armed with spear and sword.  Dressed in chainmail and protected by their oval shields they are led by an impressive metal command group of Centurion, Optio, Signifer and Cornicen. In addition there are also full-colour waterslide shield designs with a transparent backing allowing you to paint the base colour of the shield any colour you desire.

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Having our Roman Auxiliaries back in stock also brings another popular boxed set back into play – the Imperial Roman Starter Army boxed set! This is an extremely good value boxed set full of Warlord plastic excitement!

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buy now in store

The Imperial Roman Starter Army boxed set includes the following plastic miniatures:

  • 60 plastic Imperial Roman Legionaries (including command)
  • 20 Praetorian Guard (including command)
  • 20 Imperial RomanVeterans (including command)
  • 24 Auxiliaries (metal command not included)

This excellent value plastic boxed set is available here.


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