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Plastic Fantastic!

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In the Warlord office we’re all feeling a little bit down after England’s* World Cup performance. At time like this we find ourselves building more toy soldiers to cheer ourselves up. And we were doing just that when we realised that the entire country was probably feeling down and could do with a smile.

To help perk you up we’re not only giving you FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed during July but also launching our superb Plastic Fantastic! special offer.  Who needs footy when you can have free plastic miniatures…

Plastic Fantastic!

PLastic Fantastic! is a simple but effective offer – you buy 3 Warlord Games plastic boxed sets and you can then choose a fourth absolutely FREE!

Choose your  three plastic boxed sets from the drop down menus here and then select a fourth box that will be sent to you gratis. That will help fill up all the time you had allocated to watching football. Just be careful not to cry in the paint…

Note: Sadly the Starter Army Boxed sets (Roman Starter Army and Pike & Shotte Battalia) are not available as your free plastic boxed set. Also this offer only applies to Warlord Plastic Boxed Sets and not to Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Victrix, etc. No amount of pleading will change this, please don’t humiliate yourself by begging, it’s most unbecoming and not the way Warlord customers behave. You are better than that…

*  International customers may wish to substitute England for United States/ France/ Ghana / Korea Republic / Mexico / Slovakia / Chile / Japan / Portugal / South Africa / Greece / Nigeria / Slovenia / Algeria / Australia / Denmark / Cameroon / Serbia / New Zealand / Italy / South Korea / Cote d’Ivoire / Switzerland / Honduras (delete as appropriate)