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France 1940

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Author: Alan Shepperd
Publication Date: 24 May 1990
Number of Pages: 96

The German victory of 1940 stunned the world. France, major European power and owner of the world’s largest armies had fallen in less than seven weeks to the might of the German Wehrmacht. The secret of the Wehrmacht’s success lay in its carefully thought out organization and the tactics of blitzkrieg. Fast moving tank divisions supported by armoured, mobile infantry swept over opposition, helped by both conventional bombers and deadly Stuka dive-bombers. Alan Shepperd’s highly detailed text examines the tactics, organization and equipment of the Allied and German forces, and provides a daily account of the most crucial period of the battle.

Biographical Note

Alan Shepperd was educated at Magdalen College School and the Royal Military Academy. He served with the British Army during WWII and was for many years Senior Lecturer at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.


  • Background for War
  • The Opposing Commanders
  • The Opposing Armies
  • The Opposing Plans
  • The Battle for France
  • The Result
  • Chronology
  • A Guide to Further Reading
  • Wargaming France 1940