Now Available! Victrix Artillery

The latest release from the lads at Victrix is this lovely plastic British Napoleonic Foot Artillery! Containing 3 guns (each with four barrel options!), 3 limbers and 15 crew this is sure to be a popular purchase for any British commander wanting to stick it to Boney!

Victrix British Napoleonic Foot Artillery Cover

Each boxed set contains:

3 Guns with barrel options of:

•   Short 6 pdr

•   Long 6 pdr

•   9 pdr

•   5.5 inch howitzer

3 limbers

15 crew featuring

•   Multiple arm options

•   Head variants enabling you to field your crew wearing Stovepipe shako for the Peninsular War or Belgic shako for Waterloo

•   Officer head and coat tail variants suitable for either the Peninsular or Waterloo

Also included are the Artillery rules for ‘The March of Eagles’. Written by Barry Hilton.

Victrix British Napoleonic Foot Artillery Contents

The wait is over! These excellent miniatures are available right now in the Warlord webstore.