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Korean War: North Korean KPA Tank Crew

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The North Korean KPA tank crew allows you to customise your KPA armoured vehicles with distinctive detail and thus, all-important character.

North Korean KPA tank crew


The KPA Tank Crew kit contains six metal miniatures. Three are mounted, and therefore ideal for customising tanks for your Korean Peoples Army force:


T34 with KPA Crew

This T-34/85 has been supplemented with the KPA Tank Crew Miniature


The three remaining miniatures can act as objective markers in a regular game, or better yet as representations of your experienced crew escaping from their brewing tank in a campaign game where keeping your crew skills is vital (pages 25-32 Tank War).

These great crew figures can use the optional rule from page 31 of Tank War to become part of your fighting units, even after losing their tank to enemy firepower, even taking objectives if needs be.

North Korean KPA tank crew FrontNorth Korean KPA tank crew Rear

Contains 6 metal figures (mounted & dismounted), supplied unassembled & unpainted.


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The KPA army list allows you to take T-34/85 Medium tanks; these provide an ideal mount for the mounted KPA tank crew figures. The T-34/85 was the undisputed King of the battlefield in the early stages of the Korean conflict. That is, until the arrival of the American armoured divisions.


T34/85 Medium Tank

Contains one plastic tank, supplied unassembled and unpainted, a Bolt Action stat card and damage markers.


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