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New! Unleash Hell!

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An absolute must for any Roman player (and for anyone fancying a challenge on the painting front) is this resin sculpt of a Roman General and his trusty warhound. We simply had to have it cast in resin to maintain such a fine level of detail – as detailed a 28mm miniature as you’re likely to see!

Unleash Hell! Front

This superb sculpt blew us away when we first saw it and can easily imagine the General commanding his troops or, perhaps, leading a cavalry charge deep into the flanks of the barbarian horde!

From the finely sculpted breastplate and wolf fur lined cloak to the collar on his faithful warhound, this model exudes character and leadership from every surface.

Unleash Hell Side

This model is simply so grand we just had to produce him resin. We will, in the future, make the model in metal but for those who want the model in allo it’s detailed glory here;s your chance!

Every Roman commander simply requires this iconic and exciting battlefield presence for their collection. You can purchase your own right now in the Warlord webstore!