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New: Terminator Buzzer and Spider Dog plus new scenario!

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Take to the skies with the ‘Buzzer’ Hunter Killer Drone or Stalk your human prey with the T-72 Mobile Gun Platform – AKA “Spiderdog”!

RH-TG-015 HK-8 Flying Drone and T-72 Mobile Gun Platform

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These detailed resin miniatures are a great addition to any Skynet force, get the pair and start mopping up the resistance in the near future!
Contains 2 models, the Hunter Killer drone and the mobile gun platform.

Spider-dog-and-drone a

The Buzzer

RH-TG-014 HK-8 Flying Drone.Buzzer
Take to the skies with this Hunter Killer Drone (or ‘Buzzer’) sporting a plasma gun, flamer or missile launcher.


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The Spiderdog

RH-TG-013 T-72 Mobile Gun Platform.Spider Dog
The versatile Spiderdog is a useful addition to any force with its plasma gun, flamer or missile launcher.


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FREE PDF Scenario

Building on the campaign started in the Terminator Genisys game rules comes Scenario 4, Good Cop Bad Cop! Head back to 1984 and fight it out within the isles and cloathing racks of the Mall:
Terminator Scenario 4 Cover

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