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New: Terminator 1984 & Duel Special plus FREE Rules PDF

War rages in a desolate future as mankind resist the machines, John Connor leads the resistance in one last desperate gamble to send Kyle Rees back to 1984!

RH-TG-112 - 1984 Set

Skynet, in an attempt to reset history, sends a Terminator back to 1984 to hunt and kill Sarah Connor. Should this happen then John, and the rest of humanity, will cease to exist. John and Kyle attack Skynet and, discovering a terminator has already made it back, sends Kyle back to a past John thinks he knows.

Fight this scenario in the future and now in the past as the 1984 set arrives from River Horse games.

This 7-figure metal set, has the characters dressed for 1984 when Kyle first travels back to ‘save’ Sarah.
You get Kyle, Sarah, Guardian in new action posses, the T-1000 (as a LA cop) and three Los Angeles Police Department officers.

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RH-TG-123 - Terminator Duel

Time travel back to the near future and we find 2 terminator models, the T-800 and the T-3000 locked in exhilarating combat!

These resin two terminators vie for control, the shiny and impressive T-3000 series and the “old but not obsolete” T-800.

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Terminator Genisys Rules and FAQ Update

Alessio Cavatore has been working hard at the studio bringing together all the comments and ideas gamers across the world have been sending in to River Horse Games, here is the latest update to confirm, clear up, and clarify your missions and rules. Most importantly it has all the latest units fully listed:

Terminator Errata Fan

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Of course, if you’ve yet to dip your toes into the molten metal of the game here are the FREE basic rules and scenarios to get you started, perfect for your lunch time clashes in the board rooms and cafeterias across the world!


The Game

We’ve worked with Alessio and River Horse Studios to bring you some fantastic starting forces for your Terminator battles. Here’s your opportunity to get started and change the future to reset the past!


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Limited availability! These armies are in hot demand and the River Horse Supply Depots are running low across the world. Pick up your Resistance or Skynet army fast:

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Build the spider tank in this Terminator special Skynet army, shortly to be back in stock for a limited time from River Horse Games:

Spider Tank Assembly Guide Pic

The Original and only way to get future Kyle Reese! Check out the mega bundle offer and get started in store now:

Terminator Genisys

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Add to your Skynet forces and pick up a target (or should that be a decoy) for the resistance to attack in the Objective Assault set:

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