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New: ‘Specialist’ Endoskeletons Collectors Resin editions

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Expand the forces of Skyne with the  new Special Endoskeletons blister – which includes three high detail Resin Endoskeletons armed with support weapons!


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  • The most feared flamethrower Endoskeleton – a terror weapon that is perfect to flush the humans out of their hideouts.
  • A Twin-gun Endoskeleton equipped with two plasma rifles. This killing machine can target two independent enemies every turn with his guns, and at short range has twice the firepower of a normal Endoskeleton.
  • The missile launcher Endoskeleton has been design to take out at long range the few remaining tanks, helicopters and other vehicles that the humans can deploy.


Skynet is ever developing new weapons in its attempt to wipe out the Resistance.


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