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New: Spartan King & Retinue!

Sparta had two kings, one stayed in Sparta and one lead the army in war.

The king would command from the front where his heroic deeds could be celebrated, Leonidas is a prime example of this. Spartan kings seem to have worn the transverse crest, as surviving carving seems to show this as dyed in two colours.

Spartan bronzes show a high volume of hoplite’s in full panoply, including thigh, arm and foot armour; all made from bronze. Despite their ‘Spartan’ life style, they still seem to have flaunted their wealth. There are records of kings on parade in Sparta riding in ornate chariots. The King also wears the latest form of the bell cuirass, which would be called the muscle cuirass.

The king seems to have been accompanied by a bodyguard. No one can agree on whether this would have consisted of two men, or an entire phalanx at this time. Either way it seems they were selected from Olympic champions and would have been exceptional warriors.

Of course, you’ll need an army for your King to lead and the core of any Spartan force will be these plastic multi-pose hoplites. At £20 for 40 models they’re great value and also contain a sheet of waterslide shield designs…


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