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New: Shardana Guard

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To further bolster the fantastic Cutting Edge Miniatures range, and field more forces upon the battlefields of the ancient times, this week the Shardana Guard are readied for battle!


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The Shardana Guard were mercenary Sea People warriors used in the Regular Egyptian Army from the 19th Dynasty onwards – they wear Egyptian style attire but with a Sea People or Sherden style bronze helmet with a central Sun Disk to distinguish the fact that these Sea Peoples fought in the Guard of the New Kingdom Egyptian Army.

They are armed with both a Spear and a Sea People style sword – each blister contains 8 metal miniatures.

If you’re interested in these miniatures, the Bronze Age as a whole or the entire Ancients period, head over to the Warlord webstore and – if you haven’t already – take a look at our Hail Caesar range!

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