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New: Army Painter Zombicide Zombie Survivor Paint Set

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Zombicide Survivor Paint Set

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This special paint set is for the Zombicide Season 3 expansions: Rue Morgue & Angry Neighbors. It includes 6 paints; 3 brand new Warpaints tones – as well as 1 Quickshade Ink wash and the dark metallic Machinegun Metal.

All the colour tones have been matched carefully to the artwork form the Zombicide Season 3 rules and books – combined with the first two Zombicide paint sets you have the perfect platform to bring your survivors to life!

Zombicide Survivor Paint Set2We’ve also added the new ‘Aegis Suit’ Satin Varnish to the Warlord webstore this week – the perfect Satin Varnish for safeguarding all wargaming miniatures and models for constant use on the tabletop!

Please note however that due to shipping restrictions, we’re only able to ship aerosols to the UK Mainland and Europe – and they cannot be shipped via air freight.

AP-CP3027 Aegis Suit Satin Varnish

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