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New: Ruined Stanchion Building Set

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Create that devastated feel as your battlefield lies smouldering in the aftermath of a Ghar Bombardment…

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Available for order today is the ruined Stanchion Building set from Sarissa Precision.

Detailed and customisable these unpainted MDF buildings offer great cover and more scenario options on your battlefields.

The set includes 3 buildings:

  • One Large ruined Stanchion Building
  • One Medium ruined Stanchion Building
  • One Small ruined Stanchion Building

Figures not included, unpainted MDF
Large ruined Stanchion Building

Medium ruined Stanchion building

Small ruined Stanchion Building


Expand your battlefield terrain collection with the new ruined Staunchion set, a perfect addition to the standard range to creat a great themed battlefield for Beyond The Gates Of Antares!


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Fill up your board with 2 armies!


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Now fill it with terrain!


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