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New Release: Simon Scarrow’s Macro & Cato

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You wait for months for long-awaited releases to arrive and then two arrive at once! Immortalised by the pen of best-selling author Simon Scarrow, Roman Centurion Macro and his young Optio, Cato, are now brought to life by these finely detailed Warlord Games miniatures!

Based on the first novel in the Eagle series, Under the Eagle, these models depict the scene where the tough Macro and his wet-behind-the-ears Optio are caught in a tense, bloody skirmish with Germanic tribesmen.

In addition to the excellent models in the boxed set, you will get the first chapter of Mr. Scarrow’s superb new Macro and Cato novel The Gladiator!

As if that’s not enough the booklet is signed by the fair hand of Simon himself!

Who says we don’t treat you like Kings?

Macro & Cato: Under the Eagle contains:

• Finely detailed 28mm scale models of Macro and Cato (can be attached to the base or used
separately in tabletop wargames)

• Bare and helmeted heads are included for both models

• A resin scenic base

• Booklet containing the first chapter of Simon Scarrow’s latest Macro & Cato title, The Gladiator

• The booklet contains exclusive bonus material about the lives of the two heroes and is
hand-signed by Simon Scarrow himself

We certainly are excited that we were able to snag Simon’s permission to produce this boxed set for his two great creations. Who knows, there may be more from the series in the future…

You can get this exclusive boxed set (and the entire Under the Eagle novel series) for your very own right now by clicking your way over to the Warlord webstore!