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New Release: Dacian and Praetorian Shield Transfers

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Steve at Little Big Men Studios has been hard at it (ooer missus!) designed lots of new shield designs for our Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard and Dacians. As ever the transfers are absolutely gorgeous and the perfect way to finish off your regiments!

Praetorian Guard Boxed Set

Praetorian Guard Regiment

Obviously, these Praetorian Guard Transfers are perfectly sized and ready to finish off your regiments of the Emperor’s finest guardians. They come in three different styles and are ready for mounting.

Dacian War Host

In contrast to the relative uniformity of the Praetorian designs, our Dacian Shield Transfers are nearly exploding off the sheets with variety and colour. These are perfect for adding loads of variety to your regiments.

All of these great designs and many more from Little Big Man Studios are ready for purchase in the Warlord webstore.