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New: Project Z Spec Ops!

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We were so awed by the level of detail that’s packed into this one sprue we just had to get an expert to look into just what’s available on the new Special Operations Team (Spec.Ops.) modern military figures – now Available for Project Z!



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What’s In The Box?

Hi, Andreas Zack here. If you are anything like me you will have waited for 28mm plastic multipart moderns a very, very long time.
Thank you Warlord Games for being the first!
This particular set of figures, re-mastered and made by Wargames Factory, promises to be useful for all sorts of Black Ops/ Skirmish type games.
However, I am looking forward to clearing the table of those pesky Zombies with their help!

So without further ado let’s open the (rather nice) box and have a look at a Project Z Spec. Ops. sprue in detail:

Now this is what I really would like to see more of – a sprue filled to the brim. A single sprue contains enough parts for two, four-man, Fire Teams and then some!

The sculpts are generic enough to be used as regular troops, special forces, SWAT, mercenaries, insurgents or terrorists of many different nationalities.
This should make it extremely popular with Not Zombie gamers as well.

Being multipart they naturally offer themselves for easy conversions and in combination with the other plastic sets in this range the possibilities seem literally endless.

I certainly can already see me fielding some Spec. Ops. on motorcycles in the not too distant future.
Obviously there will also be some zombified soldiers trying to eat their brains, too 😉

Let’s have a look at the individual segments:

A: Legs and a LAW.
B: Head options. A Boonie Hat, ski masks/ balaclavas, bandanas, Advanced Combat Helmet/ MICH for US forces but also used by other nations like UK (Armed Police), Russia (Interior troops), Canada. Australia, China just to name a few.
A British Mk 6 helmet (although already replaced by the Mk 7 and the Cobra helmet in the future, I really like to have this as an option for a future Afghanistan project!).
C: Torsos with load carrying vest, M4/C8, AK-12, AK-74/ Galil (left to right, firing/ attached to right arm)

The Russian AK74 is a development of the infamous AK47 assault rifle; introduced from 1974 it is synonymous as the archetype “terrorist” weapon. The AK74 has proved incredibly reliable, easy to use, easy to service hence its ready adoption by untrained fighters. This firearm has a vast variety of accessories available making it fit for just about any conflict.

AK12 is the most modern derivation of the AK series of Assault rifles and shares all of the same characteristics of its infamous forefathers. The new plastic polymer design uses introduces even greater modularity and increased compatibility with accessories.

D: Head, legs, torso, rifles like C with UGLs (firing/ attached to right arm).
E: AK-74 with drum mag, Type 95 MG (China), M4 variant with triple mag, L86 LSW (firing/ attached to right arm).

Type 95 is a bullpup design infantry assault rifle in use in the Peoples Republic of China from 1997. Inspired by the British SA80, this Chinese rifle uses modern polymer materials to provide a rugged, reliable firearm.

Type 95 with Drum magazine, this is the Light Support version of the Type 95 assault rifle, this rifle has a far higher magazine capacity and tends to use a slightly heavier version of the standard 5.8x42mm ammunition.

F: Leg, Type 95 MG, L86 LSW, RPG carrying rack, RPG (firing/ attached to right arm).
G: Legs.
H: Leg, 590A1 shotgun, M4, AK-12, AK74/ Galil (firing/ attached to right arm).

Mossberg 590A1 Combat Shotgun – Shotguns are possibly the best firearm for self-defence in close quarters. This pump action combat Shotgun has several configurations is incredibly reliable and effective. The 590A1 was introduced in to the US military during the 1980s and is the shotgun of choice for Special Forces units.

I: Torsos.
J: M4 taped on spare mag, AK-12 UGL, AK-12, M4 UGL, M4, M4 with fore grip.

M4 Carbine – A short barrelled version of the M16A2rifle with a collapsible stock with components fully compatible with those of the M16A2. The M4 has been in production since 1984 and has primarily seen service with the US military. The M4 sets the standard for modern military rifles, and a favourite of specialised forces due to the vast array of modifications available.

K: L85A2 UGL, L85, SA80 (firing) separate AK-74/ Galil UGL, AK-74/ Galil, LAW firing.
L: Left arms and a head (MK6 helmet).
M: Left arms and separate SA80, L85A2, L85A2 UGL, RPG and spare grenades.

The commonly known SA80 in its various version L85A1, L85A2 and L85A3 manufactured by Royal Small arms factory Enfield for the British army entered service in 1985. The SA80 series is a revolutionary Bullpup design that fires standard NATO 5.56 ammunition famed for its sturdiness and reliability.

Enfield L86 – effectively a Machine Rifle rather than machine gun was introduced as the squad automatic weapon for light support in the British Army from 1985. Sharing many of the same components as the L85 (SA80) rifle adds to the utility and robustness of this firearm.

N: NVGs, Groin and lower back armour plates.

Its best to have a good look over the frame and figure out what options you want as some weapons fit bodies more naturally than others, check out the Modern Military sheet below to get a better idea:
MODERN-MILITARYx600A larger version is available to view in the online store

The first figure built and primed:

SpecOps Project Z labled 2
SpecOps Project Z labled 3

Building the figures is easier than it might seem considering the amount of parts on the sprue. So no worries!
Having built lots of Warlord Games/Wargames Factory AWI minis recently I knew it was key to pair the parts correctly not to get awkward poses.

Every part is labelled with a number or letter to avoid errors in this respect, so it helps not to remove them from the sprue all at once!

So my advice would be to first decide what type of soldier/unit you want to build and then assemble them individually.
Personally I will stick to weapons commonly used by a specific unit but I suppose in an apocalyptic scenario anything goes and I’m quite sure a Spetznaz soldier wouldn’t mind using an M4 to clear the Red Square of zombies if need be.

SpecOps Project Z labled 4Two US Army troops patrolling the neighbourhood in search of the infected:

SpecOps Project Z labled 5Gotcha!

Special Cards

Let’s not forget that in each Spec Ops box for Project Z you have the all important unit/gang special cards with some interesting gear such as ‘UGL’ (Underslung Grenade Launcher) or ‘Assault Grenades’ available, allowing you to mop up a few Zombies before lunch!

Spec Op Cards Project Z

Also included in the box is a special rules booklet focused solely on allowing you to use a Special Operations Team in Project Z:
This 8 page booklet is full colour and goes into all the detail you’d expect to play these guys, including two new missions – Clearing and Extraction!

It seems I have an excuse to get myself a 1:48 Black Hawk now. A downed helicopter besieged by zombies as scenery is too great a temptation to resist. Just as are those fantastic figures!

Enjoy your Zombie bashing!

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Highly trained, highly armed special Operations Teams are tasked with deadly missions that few normal men could hope to survive… Spec.Ops Teams operate with ruthless efficiency and do not permit the living or the dead to get in their way.
Once a powerful military force directed by the government, it is unknown who they now follow or what their missions are. We can only hope they are a force for good sent to cleanse the undead menace and restore law and order to our streets.
The Spec. Ops. box expands on the Project Z starter box set and contains:

  • 1 plastic frame containing parts to build 8 Special Operations Soldiers.
  • Spec.Ops Game play rules booklet
  • 20 Spec Ops specific Project Z play cards.

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Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game

Last few left!pz-contents2The starter set contains:

  • 23 plastic Zombies.
  • 10 plastic Male Survivors.
  • 6 plastic Biker Gangers (inc. 2 motorbikes).
  • Plus full colour rules, Survivors guide, play cards, counters, and dice.

Order Braaiinnzz here