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New! Pre-painted Roman Legionaries!

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Over the past few months we’ve been repeatedly asked whether we’d provide pre-painted miniatures. Well, it’s your lucky day! We’re trialling this with pre-painted plastic Roman Legionaries. We only have a small number of these regiments so don’t hang around.

Prepainted Imperial Roman Legionaries 3

These models all come on magnetised bases so you can store them on metal sheets or incorporate this useful feature into your movement trays.

Prepainted Imperial Roman Legionaries 1

This will provide you with a 24-strong painted unit as seen in the images including a Centurion, Signifer and Cornicen. All at a great price of £100 for a battle ready unit. We ship them carefully wrapped in foam to ensure maximum protection.

If they go well we will do more battle ready units. Any requests?

Prepainted Imperial Roman Legionaries 2

In case you were wondering, these models are sold as they are shown and we can’t substitute for other models or rebase them, etc…

Get yours while they last in the Warlord webstore.