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New: Pike & Shotte Veteran Musketeers and Command

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With our new Thirty years War supplement for Pike & Shotte, The Devil’s Playground, proving a hit with many of you we’re further reinforcing your armies! This week we’re bringing you a new Command Group, and more Musketeers in the form of the Veteran Storming Party Musketeers, and Pike & Shotte Veteran Musketeers! These are good for both the English Civil Wars and the Thirty Years War.


This set is led by an officer with pistol levelled and helmet under arm. Carrying the regimental colours isan ensign with sword drawn and he is joined by a drummer beating out orders to the rank and file. Lastly there is a hoary old sergeant with wineskin to hand for some extra courage!


This set comes with separate headgear allowing you to choose the look of your command group. It also comes with a separate sprue of standard poles, halberd, partisan and even the strange ‘Jingling Johnny’ musical instrument!

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Battle-hardened and looking for trouble, these musketeers are not in the mood to mess around! Getting stuck in with sword, musketeer rest and even their powder bottle belt they have closed with the enemy and intend to show them the error of their ways…

As with the command group above this set has separate hats/helmets.

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Our final Pike & Shotte offering for the day are these dangerous-looking musketeers. Wearing cassacks/cloaks, these fellows can be fielded as veteran musketeers or are equally useful as French in the Thirty years War.

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These add to our ever-growing range of troops for Pike & Shotte armies. Here are just a few:

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