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New: Pike & Shotte General’s coach!

When we previously previewed this magnificent 17th century coach we knew it would cause something of a stir – how right we were! This incredible resin and metal set is now available…

Painted by the uber-talented Andres Amian Fernandez, this certainly looks the business. Easy to imagine it as a command stand in your games of Pike & Shoote, acting as a scenario objective or even just to add extra colour to your battlefield!

As you will no doubt appreciate this model is supplied in many parts. Whilst construction is fairly straightforward it will take a little patience to build – last thing we want is for you to rush it and make a mess of the end result!

Our general, in this case firmly inspired by Brigadier Peter Young, is seen regaling his, er, companion with tales of derring do, real or imagined. A goblet of wine and the company of the fairer sex will make the arduous journey fly by…

Amongst the great touches in the set are the addition of a lapdog, hat, gloves and a bottle of the hard stuff. It’s quite possible we’ll make other passengers for this coach in the future…

You can add this truly marvellous coach to your collection here.


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