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New: Crimean War British Hussars!

Charge headlong into the Valley of Death at Balaclava with these majestic Hussar miniatures! Adding to our growing Crimean War range these perfectly complement the Lancers we released not long ago. Get your feverish hands on the new models here…

Crimean War enthusiasts aside, anyone who has watched Tony Richardson’s 1968 film ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ (that’s everyone, right?) will be more than familiar with the Hussars…

As with our Lancers, sculptor Paul Hicks has produced us a couple of fabulous casualty figures – let’s face it, they’re not going to get out of the clutches of those Russian guns without a scratch or two! The first Hussar’s horse has pulled up wounded and he’s trying desperately to maintain his balance as his steed’s back leg’s give way. The second casualty model sees a brave Hussar offered a leg up to one of his unhorsed comrades. Stirring stuff!

We’ve mentioned our Crimean War Lancers once or twice on this page – it would be rude if we didn’t show them off, wouldn’t it!

There is plenty more on the way for our Crimean War range but for now this little lot should give you plenty to paint!


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