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New: Napoleonic British Rocket Bombarding Frame

Something new and a little different for Napoleonic players this week – the British Rocket Bombarding Frame!

Rocket Troops were at Quatre Bras and Waterloo and, although Wellington viewed the rockets’ uncertain behaviour with considerable distaste, he was aware that their 2,000 metre range was acceptable and that they had a distinct demoralising effect on enemy troops receiving these formidable projectiles.

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Rockets consisted of a steel case, which had a conical or spherical head and was filled with black gunpowder. The warheads were attached to guide-poles and launched in pairs. The Bombarding Frame consisted of a ladder, two rocket troughs, two supporting legs for the ladder, a tie bar for supporting the legs and a gun bucket.

The aim of the rockets however was notoriously inaccurate and very often prematurely exploded. Loud explosion, red glare and a very occasional hit created an impressive demoralising effect.

“The only reason why I wished to have it was to get the horses;
… I do not want to set fire to any town, and I do not know any other use of the rockets.”



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