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New: Mounted Napoleonic French Infantry Colonels!

As fearsome an opponent as the Napoleonic French may be they do need direction and discipline. Supporting our newly released plastic Napoleonic French Line Infantry are these splendid new mounted Infantry Colonels – just the thing to keep Les Bleus driving towards the enemy battleline…

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This pack of two metal Colonels comes with several head options (bicorne, shako, bare head, etc) giving you plenty of variety in your army.

It would be remiss of us not to show the new plastic French Line boxed set, so here it is…

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As you can see from this image of the plastic sprue the assembly of these finely detailed models is easy – you’ll have them on the painting table in no time at all. Despite the ease of assembly there is plenty of variety with several head and backpack options available.

Sculpted by our own Wojtek, these glorious Napoleonic War French Line Infantry are perfect for use in games set during the most glorious period of Napoleon’s reign. Facing off against Russians, Austrians and Prussians as well as taking on the British, Spanish and Portugese on the Iberian Peninsular.

The boxed set contains 32 miniatures:

  • 28 plastic French infantry (including options for adding Grenadiers and Voltigeurs)
  • Metal command group (2 officers, drummer and standard bearer)
  • Standard poles and finials
  • Full colour background leaflet containing six flags – 4 Line and 2 Light

As you can see from the preview below, we’ve not finished with the French – not by a long way! Coming next are these splendid casualty miniatures – good for using as casualty markers or mixing into your rank and files for extra flavour…

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