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They fought two bitter wars with Britain and innumerable raids battles and skirmishes with the mighty Zulu Nation. The Empress Miniatures Mounted Boers now join the ranks;


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Crack shots and superb horsemen they are just the lads you want to scout ahead!

The First Boer War – 16 December 1880 until 23 March 1881

The British recovered from their defeat at Isandlwana to go on and win a series of battles and skirmishes, eventually conquering and razing the Zulu capital at Ulundi on 4 July 1879. The British then consolidated their power over Natal, the Zulu kingdom and the Transvaal.

With the defeat of the Zulus, the growing resentment against the British was too much and the Transvaal Boers finally revolted on 16 December 1880. On the 20th they fought a battle at Bronkhorstspruit against a British column of the 94th Foot, who were returning to reinforce Pretoria. From 22 December 1880 to 6 January 1881, British army garrisons all over the Transvaal became besieged. The Boers were then in constant dispute with all peoples they came across, British, Swazi or Zulu.


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