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This week we have more from the Cutting Edge Miniatures Bronze Age range. Following on from thosewe released for the New Kingdom Egyptian and Hittite armies recently, you can use these archers and javelinmen to widen your range of troop options even further.


These models represent Hupshu or peasant Archers levied into the city-state armies of Syria and Canaan, and those of Mitanni, Kassite & Middle Babylonia, Middle Kingdom Assyria and the Hittite Empire. They are also suitable for use in Early Hebrew (Habiru) armies for tribes such as Benjaminites as well as in other Desert Nomad armies of the Late Bronze Age.

For variety, these figures can be mixed in with the earlier Levy Archers I & Levy Archers II, particularly for the more irregular and nomadic armies.


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These are the peasant levy or Hupshu levied into the armies of the City-States of Syria and Canaan, those of Mitanni, Middle Kingdom Assyria, Kassite or Miiddle Kingdom Babylonia and the Hittite Empire.

They can also be used in Bedouin Desert Nomad armies such as those of the Midianites, Amalekites, early Aramaeans, (Akhalamu), Kaldu, Sutu and Hanu, who were also known by the Egyptians as Shosu or Shasu (also known as Edomites & Moabites). Also suitable for Habiru (early Hebrew) tribes such as Issacharians.

Levy Javelinmen I and Levy Javelinmen II can also be mixed in with these figures for armies of the Late Bronze Age.

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Hittite or other Anatolian unshielded javelinmen of the Middle or Late Bronze Age. They can be suitably used as Skirmishers or Chariot Runners in both Hittite and other Anatolian Highlander armies. Optional shields included.

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For those of you who  interested in the New Kingdom Egyptians we have three metal boxed sets comprising of chariots, spearmen and archers, the key elements you need to build an Egyptian army and face off against the Hittite Empire.




New Kingdom Egyptians

Or if you are looking to bolster your Hittite army why not get your hands on a new chariot squadron and a new unit of Spearmen.



The Hittite Empire