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New: Marty McGuiness the Leprechaun Banker!

What could be finer for St Patrick’s day than a lovely little Leprechaun model.

Luckily Warlord sculptor Wojtek has been at it again – this time sculpting a cheeky Leprechaun with pot of gold pilfered from the end of the rainbow.

The greedy emerald green-clad midget is another addition to the stuff Wojtek has sculpted to sate his fixation to things with pointy ears. The last sculpts were these great Dryads. Coming in three intermixable parts (head, legs, and upper body/arms) there’s lots you can do to make these unique. Good use as Treemen in your games of fantasy football or in battle games as tree spirits, they can also find good use in role-playing games or just as cool models to paint!

And let’s not forget Wojtek’s  first offering – these sassy Dwarf Lady fantasy footballers – The Sister Sledgehammerers!

Lady Dwarfs

Next up are pixies. He really does need to get out more…

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