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New: Bronze Age Levy Slingers, Early Household Axemen & Archers

This week we have more new miniatures from the Cutting Edge Bronze Age range. Following on from the miniatures we released for the Sumerian and Akkadian armies last week, the next release for our new Early/Middle Bronze Age range widens your range of troop options with slingers, axemen and archers.

WG-EMB-05-Levy-Slingers-a WG-EMB-05-Levy-Slingers-b


These slingers can be fielded as levies in regular armies or in nomadic armies, of the Early, Middle and Late Bronze Age. The group have a sling and dagger and are dressed in either knee-length kilt, tunic or long robe. Such simply dressed slingers can also suitably be used in almost any army into the Iron Age.

WG-EMB-24-Early-Household-Axemen-a WG-EMB-24-Early-Household-Axemen-b

The Early Household Axemen are Bodyguard Axemen of the Early Bronze Age. They can be used in Sumerian, early Akkadian, early Syrian and early Elamite City-State armies. They can be suitably mixed in with Early Highlander Axemen as an Early Highlander General’s Bodyguard. The figures can be suitably used as Hattian Axemen or even those of the city-states of the Arabian seaboard, such as Makkan, in the Early Bronze Age.

WG-EMB-25-Early-Household-Archers-a WG-EMB-25-Early-Household-Archers-b

Early Household Archers are the Household Guard or Regular City Militia bowmen of the Early Bronze Age City-States of Sumer, Syria and Elam.

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