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New: Later Hittite Chariots

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More wheeled reinforcements for Hittite players this week with three new chariots ready to take on the Egyptians.


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These chariots were slightly heavier in construction than other 2-horse chariots of the period, not least because it is likely that the wheel axle was further forward from the rear of the chariot cab, perhaps to support the weight of an extra crewman. Alternatively the chariot can be crewed by just 2 men and with a javelinman on foot acting as a chariot runner.



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Egyptian scenes of the battle of Kadesh show Hittite chariots with spear armed charioteers, such as these, though it is likely that some were bow armed. This is represented with Later Hittite Chariot III below.

Horses were now generally armoured with bronze scales.


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