New: Imperial Roman Legionaries!

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The cornerstone of any Roman army based on the Legions, these multi-part plastic miniatures have been reboxed to fit with our Hail Caesar range and have also been reinforced with the inclusion of a plastic Scorpion catapult in each box! Get your hands on one of these great sets here…


This boxed set contains 20 multi-part, hard plastic 28mm tall Imperial Roman Legionaries.

Comes replete with options to arm them with pilum or gladius and with great extras such as spare helmets, pila, shields and a cavalry helmet with metal faceplate!

We have also added our new plastic Roman Scorpion Catapult to this set together with two crew. Each Century would be provided with one of these.

Click here to get a box for yourself in the webstore!

Be sure to pick up a few more Roman goodies and capitalize on free shipping this month. Sweet new Praetorian Guard boxes await you as well as the ever popular Testudo, shown here.


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