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New: Imperial Roman Army Deals!

With our plastic Roman Auxiliaries available again we’ve been able to bring back several of our popular Imperial Roman Army Deals and special offers. See how you can save a load of cash below.

The Roman Forces of Marcus Spandex

This deal provides you with the Roman army used in the ‘A Border Raid – AD52’ on pages 128 to 135 of the Hail Caesar rulebook.

The army consists of: –

General – Marcus Spandex, Praefectus castrorum

  • 1 unit of legionaries
  • 1 unit of raw legionaries
  • 1 unit of auxiliaries

Cenicus Dodius – in charge of the cavalry

  • 2 units of auxiliary cavalry
  • 1 small unit of Numidian cavalry

Maximius Flaatus

  • 1 unit of legionaries
  • 1 unit of raw legionaries
  • 1 unit of auxilliaries
  • 1 small unit of auxilliary archers

Dipso Maniacus Vino

  • 1 unit of legionaries
  • 1 unit of raw legionaries
  • 1 unit of auxiliaries
  • 1 small unit of auxiliary archers

To make these units this set provides you with: –

4 Roman Legionaries plastic boxed sets (80 troops with command and 4 Scorpion catapults)

2 Roman Veteran plastic boxed sets (40 troops with command)

3 Roman Auxiliary plastic boxed sets (72 troops with command group)

2 Auxiliary Cavalry metal boxed sets (24 cavalry with command)

2 Numidian Cavalry packs (6 cavalry)

3 Western Archers packs (24 troops)

1 Roman Officers packs (1 foot and 1 mounted officer)

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Legions of Rome

With loads of new Roman models out since the original army deal was released we’ve taken this opportunity to make our Legions of Rome Deal even better.

The perfect start to an Imperial Roman army, this set includes:

  • 80 plastic Legionaries
  • 4 plastic Scorpion Catapults and Crew
  • 20 plastic Praetorian Guard
  • Marcus Aurelius, Emperor
  • 20 plastic Roman Veterans
  • 24 plastic Auxilliaries including command
  • 12 Roman Cavalry including command
  • Aquilifier
  • 2 Roman Officers (1 mounted, 1 on foot)
  • 3 Roman Optios

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Roman Auxiliary Cohort

This mixed cohort of auxiliaries and their mounted colleagues gives you a great start on an all-auxiliary force or as an addition to your Legion…

This Roman Auxiliary Cohort Deal includes:

  • 40 plastic Auxiliaries
  • 2 metal Auxiliary command groups
  • 10 metal Auxiliary Cavalry including command

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