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New: French Renault R35 Tank!

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The most numerous French tank of WWII, the R35 (and it’s later R40 variant) would serve well during the invasion of France and following the French defeat they would find themselves in widespread German use and in turn Germany would give/sell their Italian allies over 100 of the R35. Add this tank to either your early War French, German or Italian (or even Polish, as a number were exported there too…) armies.

Renault 35

The R35 (or Char léger Modèle 1935 R to use its official description)

Renault 35

As you can see from the photograph below, the Germans made good use of captured R35s, designating them as Pz. 35R 731 (f). In addition the Germans also used the R35 hull as a chassis for self-propelled guns such as the catchily-titled 4.7cm PaK (t) auf Panzerkampfwagen 35R (f) ohne Turm.

Renault 35

Renault 35

The R35 comes complete with opening hatch and metal French crewman. The French tanker has a separate head and we plan for more French tank crew/heads in the not too distant future.

Renault 35

Renault 35

You can purchase this lovely little tank here in the webstore.

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