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New: French & Indian War Companie de la Marine!

Providing the bulk of the forces used by the French to hold their territories in New France during the 17th and 18th centuries the French Marines played a pivotal role during the French & Indian War. See these superb models below.

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The Companie de la Marine were the troops employed by the French Navy for defence of New France, as the area of North America colonised by the French was known.

Defending both French colonists and the vital fur trade, the French Marines were a large part of French forces when the French & Indian War broke out in North America. Thier experience of living off the land as well as working and fighting in the frontier made them a valuable commodity for the French commanders whose regular line troops did not have such knowledge initially. This essential fieldcraft was gradually passed down to their colleagues in the line regiments but with France losing the war for North America to the English the Companies ceased to exist.

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