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New: ChooChoo!

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Sarissa Precision have been manically (or should that be mechanical?) turning up the steam in their factory and rolling out their new rail road for 28mm wargamers, this week furnishing us with these great battlefield sets:

Now of course you can pic up all the great pieces in the rail collection individually but to make it a little easier to pick what you need for a battlefield we’ve put together these nice little sets:

The Goods Train set

The Goods Train Set

Enough to complete a single track across a 6′ table with one train and 5 trucks. With FREE Curve Point tacks for more variety to your layouts


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The Station set

The Station Set

Enough to complete a station & signal box, with 2 passenger wagons, plus track to cover approx 5′. Also comes with a FREE platform.


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The Goods Yard set

Goods Yard Set

Enough to create a complete goods or shunting yard with enough track wagons and sheds to cover a 5’table, you’ll even get your FREE Pannier Tank Steam Engine to push your rolling stock around!


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We’ve many other sets of course but here’s probably one of the most popular and we’re sure you’ll agree it fits in nicely with all the trains, Stalingrad anyone?

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