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Frost Grave: The Thaw continues!

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Will your Warband become strong enough to confront the Lich Lord’s minions, race against his agents to seize possession of mysterious artefacts, and brave the perils of Frostgrave in search of his lair?

Vampire and Frost Wraith

Even back in its glory days, the city had its problems with vampires. Being undead, these creatures just froze along with the rest of the city, but now they too have thawed out. While a few vampires were powerful wizards or warriors in their own right, most were just another dangerous parasitic creature.

FG315 Vampire & Wraith

Frost wraiths are a peculiar form of undead only found in the ruins of Frostgrave. Although they are ethereal undead, they have somehow have become partially frozen. Because of this semi-material form, they cannot move through terrain like other ethereal undead, and are vulnerable to normal weaponry. Their icy grasp is, however, extremely painful for living creatures.

Two 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

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Armour Rack and Lectern

Two treasure tokens for Frostgrave.

FG502 Armoured Rack Lectern

Both made of metal and supplied unpainted. Designed for 28mm sized figures.

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Zombie Snow Troll

Theoretically, the corpse of any living creature can be turned into a zombie but, for whatever reason, most necromancers find humanoid subjects to be far easier to reanimate. Thus, trolls are a popular choice for a death mage looking to add a little strength to his forces. While not quite as tough as their living counterparts, zombie trolls are still creatures to be feared.

One resin model, designed to go with 28mm sized figures. The resin figure is a limited release from North Star, it will be replaced with a metal model later.

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Knight & Templar II

Specialist Soldiers to accompany the Wizards into Frostgrave.

FG205 Knight

Two 28mm sized Pewter miniatures, supplied unpainted.

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Frostgrave is taking the world of Fantasy by storm! It is a game of Wizards, battling through a ruined frozen city in search of magical artefacts. Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures have teamed up to bring you a range of specifically designed miniatures to use with Frostgrave:

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Thaw of the Lich Lord is a complete campaign for Frostgrave that will challenge both new and veteran players.
Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord

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