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New: C3 Drone Commander + C3 Iso-drone

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Explore the outer gates beyond the extremes of human endurance by sending the C3 Drone commander.

C3 Drone Commander

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There are any number of situations that the IMTel of the Panhuman Concord deems too dangerous for human troops. Admittedly the military shards of the C3 have some discretion to override the extremes of risk­aversion that dominate the Concord’s civil shards, but even so, there are many reasons why some ventures must be undertaken by machines.

Drone commanders often lead formations comprising only other machines, or with only limited and carefully protected human elements. Other drone commanders lead ordinary formations of Strike troops or fulfil the same functions as human commanders.

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C3 Iso-drone

Keeping the Concord troops out of harm’s way is the new C3 Iso-drone.

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Isolator or Iso­shields are a kind of force­field bubble that is selectively permeable to the atmosphere, temperature and nanosphere where present. Large, static devices can create isolation zones encompassing entire buildings. Smaller, mobile machines have a correspondingly smaller field size.

Iso­drones are general purpose drones fitted with mobile iso­shield generators. Those in service with the Concord C3 are based on C3D1 General Purpose drones, whilst other variations are found based on all manner of similarly sized drones. They are commonly used on worlds with intolerable atmospheres to provide safe refuge for survey and exploration teams.

Iso­drones are heavily protected by kinetic armour as well as substantial nano­cored casing. The iso­shield creates immense gravitational resistance that makes it impossible for the drone to move very quickly. As a result, the iso­drone is a sluggish machine that moves only slowly.

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C3 Expansion Drone Force


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Delve into the Chryseis Shard!

501010004 The Chryseis Shard front cover 600x72dpi

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Get ready!


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