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New: Bases & Dice

We are now stocking a wide range of dice and plastic bases. Let’s have a look at what is now on offer…

Many of you will be familiar with the slotted bases used by some science fiction and fantasy companies. These are incredibly popular and we’re delighted to now be making them available in specific and affordable packs.

40mm round bases are ideal for small mortar teams, command stands, etc, providing more space to create those mini-dioramas your army HQ demands!

25mm round bases are perfect for your troops and are also recommended for the forthcoming range of Judge Dredd miniatures…

 20mm square bases are just the thing for your Black powder, Pike & Shotte and Hail Caesar miniatures.

25mm square bases allow that extra space for command models or larger infantry types.

25mm x 50mm bases are designed for cavalry figures but are also good for bicyclists, motorbikes and prone gun teams.

We also have some great value packs of six-sided dice (D6) which are used in all of our game systems. Each pack is colour-coded and contains a healhy thirty dice for a great price!


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