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Limited Edition: Carnifex Gladiator

To celebrate the inaugural Warlord Games Day we asked Wojtek to sculpt us a special edition miniature. A gladiator was the unanimous feeling and so our diminutive putty pusher has produced this lovely miniature of the gladiator executioner.

For those of you who cannot attend and have been inundating us with correspondence about how you too can get hold of this new figure, we are making it available for one day only – the same day as our Open Day, Saturday 27th July. After that you’re out of luck so make sure you don’t tarry!

Available on 27th July 2013 only

The Carnifex is the last thing many an opponent will see upon the blood-soaked sands of the gladiatorial arena. As the executioner gladiator sent in to despatch the fallen, this model is as macabre as it is glorious! Our Carnifex gladiator is a real brute, towering over his foe, ready to vanquish them with his spiked skull mace. This model comes with an optional shield hand, should you wish to given him a modicum of protection against his quailing opponent…


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