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New: Army Painter Stuff!

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The latest hobby goodies from the chaps at The Army Painter are a new colour primer spray and more basing materials.

Army Painter

A rich purple suited for a multitude of purposes. Perfect for Tyranids, Dark Elves, Dark Eldar, any Chaos and also to spice up ordinary races – like humans – Imperial Guard or Empire. Historical units such as English civil war regiments and renaissance regiments are also good recipients of this spray colour.  Purple is not a standard colour and therefore it will make your army highly unique and striking to behold. Alien Purple, the great new spray color from Army Painter is now available here.

Army Painter

Army Painter

This is probably some of the most realistic basing material in the Wargames industry. Ideal for any themed army be they elves, beasts or men. Added between ruins or on a swamp themed base, it does not matter: Meadow Flowers will give your miniatures, whatever genre, a completely unique and realistic look. You get both white and yellow flowers in the pack. You can purchase a blister pack here in the webstore.