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New: Anglo-Zulu War wagon barricade!

Originally only available in our Rorke’s Drift! battle-set this wagon, hastily reinforced with mealie bags, is now available to buy separately.

Forming part of the defensive position at Rorke’s Drift it could equally be used in other Colonial or Pulp games. Paint the mealie bags as sandbags and this would look too out of place in more modern settings either…

If you are looking for something a bit more satisfying than a single wagon, look no further than our amazing Rorke’s Drift! Battle-set. Click the image below to see just how much we’ve crammed into this huge box.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your Anglo-Zulu War urge, the ultimate Rorke’s Drift set is here! Our Horns of the Buffalo offer takes the above battle-set and adds in loads more! Truly something to aspire to…

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