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Market Garden: A Bolt Action Campaign Book

Nine Days in September 1944...

Market Garden: A Bolt Action Campaign Book
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The Allies plan to end the war early by using the elite Allied Airborne army, the British XXX Corps and an ambitious plan. This is Campaign: Market Garden, where elite Airborne troops race to deliver the killing thrust that could open the road into Germany.

Why game Market Garden?

For Bolt Action players Market Garden has it all – daring attacks, determined resistance and heroic last stands by American, British, German and Polish troops ranging from elite veteran paratroopers to novices and from obsolete armoured cars to King Tiger tanks. The airborne troops might be outstanding soldiers, but they do cost a lot points-wise, so they are few in number; you will not get many figures for your 1,000 points!

This volume covers a very short space of time compared to other Bolt Action campaign books – just a matter of nine days in September 1944 – and is focused on a much smaller geographical area, a single narrow route through the Netherlands rather than a broad sweep of very variable terrain across several countries.

The fighting was incredibly intense; you’ll find bullets, blood, bombs, and bravery in abundance. The Allies struggled to keep the road open and the Germans struggled to cut it, so both sides engaged in attacks and counter-attacks over the same ground and therefore faced the same challenges.

Inside Campaign: Market Garden you’ll flow through 116 pages full of glorious content, history, stunning art and photography, new rules and units! Here’s just some of what you can expect:

  • Campaign Overview
  • Timeline
  • Prelude to Market Garden
  • A guide to using the Original twelve Bolt Action scenarios within the context of MArket Garden
  • Market Garden Forces (This section includes the American ForcesBritish or Polish forces, British XXX Corps Resistance fighters, and German forces).
  • 26 scenarios (including American scenariosBritish Airborne scenariosWar in a small space: A Campaign GameOn To Oosterbeek…, Driel: Polish Airborne ScenariosHell’s Highway: The Road to The ReichSpace-Saving Scenarios and Going Solo
  • Legends of Market Garden

As with all our Bolt Action campaign books, order from our webstore and receive a special edition free miniature, in this case, the ‘Never Surrender’ model, depicting an injured combatant, defiant to the last.

Scenarios, Solo Play & Special Rules

The scenarios in this book are presented sequentially, in that relevant scenarios for a particular army are grouped together. You’ll also find some linked scenarios to form a mini-campaign and ideas for playing games on a very ‘modest’ playing surface.

Many 0f the included scenarios are also remarkably suited for solo play, with minimal adjustment – the book provides guidance for doing this, utilising a standard deck of cards to represent which enemy (non-player) units will be activated when one of their order dice is drawn.

A selection of special rules are also presented pertinent to the scenarios in the book, many of which are concerned with the airborne aspects of the campaign, but also blocking terrain on bridges and the business of using captured equipment – particularly the 82nd airbornes instruction that Panzerfausts be gathered up for future use where possible. In addition to allowing you to use these in game, it represents some fantastic modelling opportunities!

Get Started with Bolt Action – Airborne!

These bundles are designed to make it easier than ever to get started with an army using the award-winning Bolt Action rules system.

We’ve hand picked a selection of miniatures to get your collection started – with the options available within providing players with a wide array of weapons and different tactics to employ as they get to grips with their new army. We’ve even suggested a 500 point army list for each to try out which you can find below.

As well as setting you well on the way to a fantastic collection of miniatures, they include everything you need to play the game. Full rules are provided in the form of a free A5 Bolt Action rulebook and the relevant ‘Armies of…’ supplement, as well as gaming aids in the form of order dice and plastic pin markers.

British Airborne


US Airborne


Add Reinforcements

Once you are comfortable with the basic rules. These extra units will help push your burgeoning army to the 1000 points mark and provide even more variance in your games by introducing new unit types and weaponry.

British Airborne


US Airborne


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