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Last Argument of Kings corrections

With the reprint of this Black Powder supplement we took the opportunity to make some minor text corrections.

For those with the original version here are the very small number of changes other than taking care of the occasional typo.

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  • Platoon Firing should only be available to STEADY infantry (not shaken or disordered).
  • In the Native American army list that appeared in the original print run we restricted the leaders to a 6″ command radius but then made all warbands Marauders which defeats the object. As a result the Marauders special rule has been removed for warbands.
  • In the War of the Spanish Succession section,  Prince Eugene’s army was referred to as the AUSTRIAN army at Blenheim. In fact, there were no Austrians in it, although it fought for the Austrian crown under Austrian commanders. All reference to Eugene’s AUSTRIAN army has been changed to Eugene’s IMPERIALIST army.

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