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Introduction: Kassite & Middle Babylonian

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The Kassites were originally Highlanders from the Zagros Mountains who overran Babylonia after the Hittite destruction of Babylon at the end of the Middle Bronze Age in 1595 BCE. They set up a Dynasty which lasted for more than five hundred years: the longest rule by any dynasty in Babylonian history. They went on to conquer the southern part of Mesopotamia known as the Dynasty of Sealand in c.1460 BCE.


The Elamites destroyed Kassite power and themselves conquered Babylon in the 12th century BCE and the Kassites retreated back to the Zagros mountains.
In turn it was the Second Dynasty of Isin, under Nebuchadnezzar I, who re-established native Babylonian power, founded the Middle Kingdom and drove out the Elamites, sacking their capital, Susa, in the late 2nd millennium BCE.

It is likely that the military organisation of the Babylonians during this period followed the Maryannu chariot warrior system along the lines of Mitanni.

Towards the end of the period, the Kassites briefly regained power in Babylonia but subsequent Aramaean invasions led to an Aramaean dynasty ruling Babylonia until successive Assyrian dynasties took control for the following 300 hundred years. Eventually there was a Babylonian revival with the Chaldean and Neo-Babylonian Dynasties of the late Iron Age. By then the dress and equipment of the Babylonian armies had changed and will therefore form a separate range of figures.

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