Beyond the Gates of Antares

Incoming: Beyond the Gates of Antares Online Campaign

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In conjunction with the release of the new ‘The Battle for Xilos‘ narrative supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares, we’re working with our friends over at Beasts of War on a massive multiplayer online campaign where you can post the results of your tabletop battles and try to affect the overall course of the war – due to run from 18th June to 30th July.

And the most exciting thing is – the outcome of the online campaign will be written into the history of the universe and become part of the official history – written-up by none other than Rick Priestley… so this really is a chance to make your mark, and shape the universe of Beyond the Gates of Antares.

As a quick teaser – here’s a quick screenshot of the homepage as it currently stands. Please keep in mind that this is still in the ‘work in progress’ stage, and design work continues… 

Xilos Campaign Preview

Every Antares player can join in, whatever your army – when the campaign starts you’ll sign up by registering your faction and coming up with a name for your force. After that you’ll just need to play loads of battles and report back!

Note that the majority of narrative scenarios in ‘The Battle for Xilos’ supplement use 750pt forces – so now’s the perfect time to begin list-writing, or even recruiting a brand new force with which to explore the battlefields of Xilos…

Prepare your Landing Force:


Army Deals

Article written by Richard Dando