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In Focus: Mateus Carneiro’s Antares Forces

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We’re regularly bowled-over by the level of craftsmanship displayed by our beloved community – and particularly with the creativity used on our models from the Beyond the Gates of Antares range.

As the game matures and develops further, we’re seeing larger armies come to the fray – few more so than the ever-growing collection of one Mateus Carneiro – of the ‘My Ever-Growing Armies’ blog

Mateus has been collecting Antares forces since the early days – and has no less than FIVE impressive, fully-painted armies…



Carneiro Algoryn Squad

Carneiro Algoryn Squad2

Carneiro Algoryn Intruders


Find out more about the Algoryn here



Carneiro Boromites

Carneiro Boromite Frag Borer


Find out more about the Boromites here



Carneiro Concord

Carneiro XHowitzer

Carneiro Concord2


Find out more about the Concord here



Carneiro Ghar


Find out more about the Ghar here



Carneiro Isorians

Carneiro Isorian Squad

Carneiro Isorian Squad2

Carneiro Isorian Sniper

Find out more about the Isorians here


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Article written by Richard Dando