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IMTel Newsletter – The Final Edition

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Today sees the end of an era – with the release of the final edition of our IMTel Newsletter!


The IMTel Newsletter was conceptualised as a tool to help advertise the launch and first wave of releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares – it has attracted followers by the thousand – and its current subscriber-base continues to thrive as a fanatic and loyal group… however, with the ending of the ‘Battle for Xilos’ online campaign comes the next step for Antares, and a step into new areas…

But don’t panic! – you’ll still see the same type and quantity of content to support Antares – it will simply be served in a different way – forming part of our usual Warlord Newsletters – please note that if you’re subscribed to the IMTel Newsletter, you will automatically now be subscribed to the core Warlord Newsletter to ensure that you don’t miss out on Antares news, however you can unsubscribe at any point, should you desire.

There are more exciting developments coming – and we rather think you’re going to enjoy them – so stay tuned!

Article written by Richard Dando