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Hobby: John Stallard holds his horses

Warlord Boss John has mostly been painting animals this week…


Here is his rendition of the popular but very sad dead livestock set, two dead bloated cows and a poor old warhorse. They have been a feature of warfare for thousands of years, particularly when long ranged artillery  came to the fore. There are innumerable shots of poor, dead cows in Normandy for instance, a sad sight, but even they provided cover for hard pressed infantry men in the insanity of the bocage fighting. See the poor animals on this link.

On a brighter note, John has painted up the recently released 17th century Horse Holder, a vital part of Dragoon actions in the bitter wars of the Continent and Britain. He has featured the four horses and put them on a scenic movement tray, one stand representing an entire Dragoon unit who have unhorsed to fight as musketeers. He has decorated the base by adding meadow flowers to the base, check them out for dioramas and command bases.

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