Hail Caesar, The Dark Age Sagas

Hail Caesar: Saxon Light Cavalry

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Sound the charge with the Saxon Light Cavalry. Armed with spear and shield, harass the enemy flanks and run them down in your Dark Ages games of Hail Caesar.

Light cavalry offer a highly mobile and flexible unit on the battlefield, able to react to the changing state of battle on the fly. Test the enemy flanks, or hold them back to unleash the most impactful charge at a crucial moment. The choice is yours.

Contains 3 metal mounted figures, unassembled and unpainted.

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The Saxon Light Cavalry is ideal to represent any light Cavalry unit in Shield Wall – The Dark Age Sagas volume I book).

Dan Hewitson
Dan can often be found contemplating the mound of unpainted minis building up under his desk. He has a tendency to roll lots of ones. He also has a tendency to complain about rolling lots of ones.