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Get the Point? Celt Javelinmen

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These Celts will certainly make sure you do. New from Warlord Games, our Celt Javelinmen are prepared to bring a veritable rain of death upon any invaders who dare to trespass upon their territory. Suitably armed and possessing vast amounts of upper lip facial hair, these excellent barbarians are ready to serve any Celt Warlords who recruit them for their conquests:

Celt Javelinmen

If your Celt army is in need of more firepower, these deadly missile troops are just what you’re looking for. If you’re tired of taking pila to the face, give the Romans a taste of their own medicine with the addition of a unit or two of javelins to your forces.

Celt Javelinman C:

Celt Javelinman 1

Celt Javelinman B:

Celt Javelinman 2

Celt Javelinman D:

Celt Javelinman 3

Celt Javelinman E:

Celt Javelinman 4

Celt Javelinman A:

Celt Javelinman 5

These fantastic models are now available singly or in a unit from the Warlord Games web store.