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Gallery: Stephan Huber’s Celts!

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You’ve seen Stephan’s handiwork already with his Partisans and Romans – this time we get to show off his work on the barbarians! First off we have deadly Dacians bristling with the lethal falx war-scythes:

Dacian War Host 1

Dacian War Host 2

As you can see Stephan has made his Dacians both colorful and complex with his paint scheme. From the crew on the Scorpion to the most lowly warrior, he’s made sure that each Dacian soldier has an individual look all his own.

Dacian Scorpion 1

Dacian Scorpion 2

Stephan Huber's Celt Chieftains 1

Each Celt Chieftain had his own unique style and manner of command. Stephan brings this across quite well with his exquisite detailing on these models. You (and your enemies) should be able to pick these models out from the rest of your army with ease and these mighty warriors wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stephan Huber's Celt Chieftains 2

Stephan Huber's Celt Chieftains 3

Stephan Huber's Celt Chieftains 4

Stephan Huber's Druids 1

The sound of savage chanting and the smell of crimson carnage must have weighed heavily upon Stephan’s mind while he was painting these grim Celt Druids. Whether you prefer your tribal priests swathed in filthy robes, skyclad to commune with nature or somewhere in between, these models will serve your forces well on the tabletop!

Stephan Huber's Celt Druids 2

Stephan Huber's Celt Druids 3

Stephan Huber's Celt Druids 4

Stephan Huber's Celt Druids 5

Stephan Huber's Celt Slingers 1

Last but not least, it’s apparent that Mr. Huber realised that not all battles can be won solely with close quarter battle. Therefore he took his talented brush to this regiment of Celt Slingers to rain high velocity death at a distance from across the battlefield on his opponents.

Stephan Huber's Celt Slingers 2

Stephan Huber's Celt Slingers 3

Stephan Huber's Celt Slingers 4

Stephan Huber's Celt Slingers 5

Stephan Huber's Celt Slingers 6

All of these excellent models and many more are available right now in the Warlord webstore for your own Celt army. Don’t let Stephan have all the fun, get painting and field your own force of woad-encrusted warriors today!