Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815

Four Marshals: The Battle of Stallardsville

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Our four marshals are licking their wounds, having clashed over the central European town of Stallardsville! Who was crowned victorious?

“Stallardsville is a handsome settlement sitting astride the Brussels-Charleroi road. From a distance, it appeared sparse and mean – no more than a collection of dilapidated farmhouses and outbuildings. Upon reaching the medieval centre, I discovered a fine inn and several handsome houses, with gardens abloom with flowers of many different colours. A chateau dominates the western side of the village, with a commanding position over the local landscape. I enquired with the innkeeper about the chateau’s provenance. There has been a castle on that site since the 11th century, with successive owners building and re-building as the wish takes them. The settlement takes its name from the Anglo-Burgundian dynasty that administered the area for many centuries.” – Thomas Jefferson in Thomas Jefferson Travels – Selected Writings 1784-1789

While the town of Stallardsville is obviously fictional – named after Warlord Games’ illustrious founder and chief executive John Stallard, our Four Marshals and their rapidly expanding armies of Napoleonic miniatures are not. This week, they took over the Warlord Games store and went hammer and tongs over a series of several games!


The plucky Brits had to hold the chateau – if it fell, they would command the Brussels road and threaten to retake all the territory captured by the Coalition forces in the Low Countries.

Tom unleashed wave after wave of infantry against my makeshift fortifications and I beat them back every time! Canister shot is fantastic against infantry in columns. My heavy cavalry performed admirably at screening my flanks from Tom’s lancers.


In my second game, I got some reinforcements from Marcus’ Prussians – those Landwehr can really take some punishment!

I’m working on another unit of line infantry for next week. Hopefully, I’ll have enough to fill out my second division and get the whole army on the table soon!


I squared off against Marcus’ Prussians first, heading them off before they could reinforce the beleaguered British defenders. We decided that the scenario would focus on my Polish cavalry trying to interrupt the Prussian line of march – the Germans had to get from one table edge to the other, while I had to do as much damage as possible before he escaped. It was a nail-biting battle, with a swirling mess of horsemen and crashing artillery fire, while the Vistula Legion dashed forward to flay the flanks of the Prussian columns with musket fire.

Unfortunately, due to some poor dice rolls, I was unable to stop the Prussians and they managed to punch through my blocking force and reinforce the British defenders in the Chateau Stallard!


For next week, I’ve been painting more Vistula Legion and some cannons to bulk out my divisions!


Kalon’s Brits put up one hell of a fight – we used the fortification rules in the Rebellion! supplement to represent the walls of Chateau Stallard – this made the British infantry even tougher and harder to dislodge, even with a whole battery of cannons pounding away at them for a whole game.

In true Napoleonic style, I attacked in column formation. My infantry snaked across the open ground, braving a horrific cannonade and repeated cavalry charges, only to be repulsed by volleys of musketry and canister.


I didn’t fare any better in the second

game against the combined Coalition forces, with my dastardly cavalry turning tail after one clash with the Household Brigade!


Going into the game, I was worried that my army of conscripted Landwehr would fare poorly against the battle-hardened regulars of Tom and Tobias’ French and Polish armies.

Thankfully the doughty Marshal Blucher carried the day by succeeding at some pivotal command rolls, keeping my cavalry in the fight after taking a drubbing at the hands of elite Polish lancers!

In the second game, I teamed up with Kalon’s British divisions to drive the Franco-Polish force away from Stallardsville for good. Once again, dependable Blucher helped stabilise my battle line of Landwehr while they riddled the French infantry with musket fire.

I’m adding some more Landwehr to my army next week, with the aim of finishing off my infantry division!

Next Time…

Our marshals show off their progress with a look at their armies in all their gaudy glory!

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