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Competition: Warlord Dioramas 2016

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The Warlord Diorama Competition 2016 is now closed!

We’ve had our socks blown off yet again by the stunning talent out there in the community. As the months became mere days till the deadline there was some frantic activity and astounding pieces came flooding in. Here are the final entries going to judging this week (you can check out more pictures for each over at the forum):

Diorama Competition 2ndRangerBattalion's Competition Entry 12ndRangerBattalion’s entry

Diorama Competition Nils.H.Hostile Environment1Nils.H ‘Hostile Environment’

Diorama Competition Pjcornhill Somewhere just outside Wattel 2nd June 1940Pjcornhill ‘Somewhere just outside Wattel 2nd June 1940’

Diorama Competition The Amazing Rando French HospitalityThe Amazing Rando ‘French Hospitality’

Diorama Competition nonozg2015 -French Dragoons.1nonozg2015 ‘French Dragoons’

Diorama Competition Kievrus.Cigaret Break.1Kievrus ‘Cigarette Break’

Diorama Competition Littleninjapainting Fight Fire With Fire!1Littleninjapainting ‘Fight Fire With Fire’

Diorama Competition LJH204.1LJH204 ‘Bear Attack’

Diorama Competition SoC1Soc ‘Warpath!’

Diorama Competition Jakob Richardson1Jakob Richardson ‘Grief comes to operation Greif’

Diorama Competition JRC1JRC ‘No littering’

Diorama Competition Stevepalffy1Steve Palffy ‘Normandy’

Diorama Competition Upper Palatinate1Upper Palatinate ‘The Last Advance’

Diorama Competition ChrisMackonis 1Chris Mackonis ‘Hunted’

Diorama Competition Gotz Training the last levy – Volkssturm Ostpreußen 1944Götz Training the last levy – Volkssturm Ostpreußen 1944

Diorama Competition 114thElephantrider Out of the darkness1114thElephantrider ‘Out of the darkness’

Diorama Competition LittleJohns entryLittleJohns entry

Diorama Competition Patch.1Patch’s entry

Diorama Competition Americarulz - Christmas Truce1Americarulz ‘Christmas Truce’

Diorama Competition SapperFred Commando Diorama They came from the Sea1SapperFred Commando Diorama ‘They came from the Sea’

Diorama Competition ScenicDoctor Long walk home1ScenicDoctor ‘Long walk home’

Diorama Competition Melvin1Melvins’ ‘Roman Camp Germania’

Along with these entries came a slew of fantastic tips that we’ll be sure to deliver to you over the coming weeks. So now, as the judges deliberate, we leave you to ponder your next projects. Results will be in for next week when we’ll look at the winners in more detail.

We have to mention that a few of you left it a little close to the mark, some unfortunately not finishing but looking full of potential. Keep your eyes peeled for the next one chaps & best of luck to all!

Diorama Competition Victor Mª Sanz-Yrazu 1

Diorama Competition Charliepanzer Entry 'Bis auf's Blut' (Down to Blood)1

If you’d like to find out more about the entry requirements for this competition then check out this article and perhaps have a go yourself at a more leisurly pace. Be sure to show us your efforts over at our Warlord Forum.

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